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A man’s life is normally divided into five main stages namely infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. In each of these stages an Individual has to find himself in different situations and face different problems.

In old age physical strength deteriorates, mental stability diminished, money power become bleak and eye sight suffers a setback. It is only for blessed few old age may prove to be a stage of contentment and satisfaction. But for lager number of people it may actually became a period of disappointment, dejection, disease, repentance and loneliness.
The Psychological side of the Problem
In modern civilized societies has given rise to great many psychological, social and medical problems. More than the physical disability, the mental disability and disorders make the old people to suffer. The two major psychotic disorder or older people are-Senile dementia (associated with cerebral atrophy and degeneration), Psychosis with cerebral arteriosclerosis (Associate with either blocking or ruptures in the cerebral arteries)
Socio-Cultural factors of the problem
Cultural peculiarities and rural urban background of the old people for e.g. have a close bearing with this problem.

Actual problem of old people :-

Old age is subjected to stresses and strain. In fact certain special stresses are typically confronting the age:-

·         Retirement and reduced income
·         Failing health &Invalidism
·         Isolation and loneliness
·         The problem of meaning of life & death 

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